How much does it cost on average to spray windows and doors?
If there is on site spraying an average cost for a conservatory is €1800 + VAT. However, please contact us for a quote as prices vary due to location and number of windows and doors.

How do we choose a colour we would like / Can we supply you with our favourite colour swatch?
Any RAL, British Standard or Farrow & Ball colour can be matched straight away. We are happy to be given colour swatches but these take a bit longer to match.

What type of finish is the paint?
We use a satin finish as standard.

If we choose to go ahead, how much notice do you need?
Ideally 2 weeks’ notice, depending on time of the year but we will always try to accommodate if you want it done quicker.

Do we need to do anything prior to you coming?
Yes removes all furniture obstructing area also remove courting and blinds we will clear and protect the area we’re spraying in. If we need to remove any furniture or blinds or curtains will will not except any responsibility for damage caused.

Do you take credit cards?
We can accept credit cards through paypal only. Other methods of payment are cash.

How long will it last?
The paint is guaranteed for 15 years against fading, peeling or flaking