How it works

On this page we explain the step by step process of uPVC painting.

  • First things first, whether we're working inside or outside, the work area has to be clean and clear. If working inside, all items of furniture are moved or covered with plastic. The flooring is covered with drop-cloths. If outside, they are swept out and any furniture is moved.
  • The next step, using the specialist cleaning products, is to fully clean and de-grease the pVC, uPVC and Aluminium windows or doors that we're spraying. This is a 3 part process, utilising products manufactured specially by the paint supplier, to clean off any contaminants in the surface, to ensure a perfect bond for the paint.
  • once all areas are fully cleaned, we start the masking process. If there are any handles that aren’t being sprayed they are removed. All the glass is taped up and protected with plastic sheeting. Any adjacent surfaces are fully masked off, protecting from overspray, and the drop-cloths are taped into place, protecting the flooring.
  • Once it’s all masked off, we setup our specialist spray equipment, prepare the paint and then we're ready to start spraying.
  • the pVC, uPVC or Aluminium is then sprayed by one of our technicians. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing the right colour!
  • once the pVC,uPVC or Aluminium has been sprayed; we allow it to harden off for an hour before starting the clean down process. The specialist equipment is put away and the masking paper and tape is removed. All drop-cloths and folded and taken out and the whole room is swept/hovered out. And the job is complete. Fully guaranteed for 5 years and looking like new again! To talk to one of our team about your own windows and doors, please get in touch today!


Before After
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